// The Shopify Experts //

We're not the "set it and forget it" types, and we have a ton of experience in Customer Service, so it's pretty much second nature to us. Above all, we pride ourselves on client support, communication, and ability to meet any deadlines set.

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    A Turnkey Shopify Solution

    Have an idea but need the design? First, our design team will craft the right website for your brand. Second, we’ll take the new design mockups and build a full-featured template on the Shopify eCommerce platform. Last, we'll create the pages & posts and populate the content that you provide.

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    Account Setup & Configuration

    Not sure how to set up a Shopify account? We'll set up the account and prep it for online payments for your site. From there, we'll configure where the orders go, who receives notification(s), where monies go, etc. All the little details that are needed for a secure payment gateway.

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    Theme Customization

    Found that “almost perfect” theme? Just need a few tweaks to that theme to fully meet your needs? We’ll edit your purchased template and customize it to fit your needs without compromising the design, responsiveness, or editablity of it.

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    Theme Development

    Already have a design but need it developed? First, we’ll take the existing mockups and finally build a full-featured theme and template on Shopify. You can then create the pages and products as you see fit.

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    Marketing, SEO, Analytics

    Do you know who and how many people are reaching your site? We'll take your site and prep it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and every site we do receives Google Analytics. You can see who's reaching your site and determine where you can spend your marketing dollars more efficiently. It's all about conversion!

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    Theme / Site Optimization

    Is your website is setup incorrectly? Maybe your site is running a little slow and you just need some help identifying whats causing it? We’ll help boost your Google PageSpeed Score and get your website on track and your theme ready to go.

// A Few Shopify Sites We've Done //

UI/UX, eCommerce


Ruggable has a great user experience, but needed that little extra "oomph". Level Five Ten took a dated menu and navigation and updated both the desktop and mobile as well as some of the code base for better performance site-wide.

UI, eCommerce, Consultation

Phoenix Enviro. Design

Phoenix Environmental Design needed a better online experience for its customers and better site performance. Level 510 simplified the home page as well as the navigation. The result: a marked improvement in performance and sales overall.

Website, UI/UX, eCommerce

Pete & Pedro

Pete & Pedro had numerous needs, from home page re-design and branding inconsistencies on their site. Level Five Ten brought it all together to make color, fonts, buttons, and experience to brand standards and consistent user experience.

Website, Blog, eCommerce

Carpenter Hill

Carpenter Hill wanted to add a blog section to their site. Level 510 integrated a separate platform for a seamless integration of the current site and their blog for an improved experience for their readers.

Re-design, branding, eCommerce (In Development)

Seismic Audio

(In development) Seismic Audio needed a boost to drive more conversions and refresh their aging brand. LFT added a fresh set of colors and fonts to the new site design to facilitate better sales as well as a much richer, informative experience!

Add Features, eCommerce

Jude Connally

Jude Connally needed some features added to their site to include more robust payment platform for usability. Level Five Ten's experience fit that to a tee (pardon the pun) and the result was an easier purchasing experience for clientele.

// The WordPress Experts //

WordPress has become one of the most popular ways to manage full-featured websites. We have the expertise and knowledge to set up your theme in a way that allows you to do what you want on your site. Furthermore, it is 'bullet-proof' so you can feel confident you won't "break" anything.

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    A Turnkey WordPress Solution

    Have an idea but need the design and implementation? First, our design team will design and craft the right website according to your brand. Second, we’ll take the approved mockups and build a full-featured, customized theme on the WordPress content management system (CMS). Last, we'll create the pages and posts using the content you provide. Need help with content? We'd love to discuss the options.

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    WordPress Theme Customization

    Found that “almost perfect” theme? There's literally thousands of themes out there to choose from. If you've found one, but it's not quite ready...that's where Level 510 steps in. First, we'll set up a staging site (not a live version). Second, we install your theme on the latest version of WordPress, and last adjust the theme to your standards.

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    WordPress Theme Development

    Already have a design but need it developed? First we’ll take your mockups and build a full-featured template on the WordPress content management system (CMS). Therefore you can create the pages and posts to your heart's content.

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    Site Marketing, SEO, Analytics, AdWords

    Do you know who and how many people are reaching your site? We'll take your site and prep it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and every site we do receives Google Analytics. You can see who's reaching your site and determine where you can spend your marketing dollars more efficiently. We can also employ Google AdWords as a means to reaching a wide audience or narrowing your focus to increase conversion.

// A Few WordPress Sites We've Done //

Perfection Cleaning
Identity, Branding, Website, Lead Generation

Perfection Cleaning Services, LLC

Perfection Cleaning Services, LLC has an impressive client list, and needed to look more professional to match. Level 510 updated their logo to "sparkle" and upgraded their site in look and performance. As a result, they are able to create and send invoices from their website and consequently their revenue has increased significantly.

Identity, Brand, eCommerce Website

SLS Optical

SLS Optical started out of the desire to raise money for autism research. 90% of the sales goes to funding research on curing and treating autism. We not only designed the logo, brand, and website, but also set up the eCommerce portion with sophisticated options for prescription lenses and sunglasses.

Fab CBD screenshot depicting the homepage with CBD tinctures and colors.
e-Commerce, development


Fab CBD manufactures high-end CBD oil and needed help converting their Shopify site to Woocommerce. Level 510 fixed a ton of issues from the previous developers' work and consequently it hums nicely, providing a great experience for their clients.

I Am Alpha M screenshot depicting the home page.
Website, Lead Generation

I Am Alpha M

I Am Alpha M has a huge following and regularly posts video articles of health and fashion tips for men. Level 510 was able to design the new site to better display recent articles in a fun and informative way.

Identity, Brand, Website

Becoming Missional

Becoming Missional is a site mainly to keep supporters of the ministry in the loop of all its happenings.


Salus Law

Salus Law focuses on and provides high level legal solutions for Social Security Disability claims & appeals.