Building Apps That Build Community

Level 510 is always looking for different ways to contribute to the local community. A central tenet of this philosophy is helping others who share in our vision of making their community a better place to live. One way, in particular, is working with partners to develop software applications and platforms that help others improve their local and extended communities.

An example of this is Level 510’s work with universities to build brand portals. These brand portals allow students, vendors, and members of the community to submit ways they want to use the university logos and values. The university can then make sure their information is being used appropriately and verify their brand and culture is benefitting the university and contributing to their communities well being.

The brand portal can be used by organizations trying to raise funds to help others, people looking to bring awareness to important topics within the community, or even students looking to organize an event to help educate others about getting the most out of their university education. The custom software applications that Level 510 builds help make the opportunity to contribute to the community easier for people across the world.

The Level 510 team is highly dedicated to making the world a better place. By helping others develop and create software platforms, we are able to offers services that give back to the community. Whether it be working with universities or any organization whose work benefits the greater good, we are always looking for ways to have a positive impact on the world at large.